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Super-yacht berthing in Seychelles
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The marina offers facilities for super-yachts of up to 115m, cruising yachts and local leisure craft. There are over 1000m of piled pontoon berths of which180m is available for super-yachts, with stern on berthing available both sides. The super-yacht pontoon section is 4m wide with varying 500mm to 750mm of freeboard. Berthing is available astern to or alongside, depending on occupancy. With stern to berthing there are laid lines for securing bows. The depth of the water in the Marina basin is 11m but the approach channel to the marina is restricted to 5.1m.

The location of the marina on the inland side of Eden Island provides ideal sheltered conditions. With stern to berthing, boats lie in line with both prevailing winds (SE & NW).

To ensure that your stay at the marina is pleasant and trouble free, golf carts are available for delivering your stores and transporting your guests to their waiting yachts; there are also several manual trolleys with a 500kgs load capacity.


One Captain described Seychelles as “Magnificent scenery, a fantastic climate, some of the friendliest people one could hope to meet; that’s the Seychelles. Imagine the Virgin Islands, double the size, cancel the hurricanes, take out the crowds and you have the Seychelles… as close to paradise as you are likely to get.”

Stretching from 4o South to 10o South, the Seychelles’ geographical position and climate makes a twelve month season perfectly feasible. You could cruise the full 700 miles from the Main Island of Mahé to the Aldabra Atoll (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) whilst island hopping though the other 115 without having to go through a single immigration check.

Seychelles comprises 115 islands spread over a wide area of the Western Indian Ocean, with over 700 nautical miles separating the most northern and southern islands. Broadly speaking Seychelles comprises three groups – the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue with their various satellite islands, the Amirantes, the Alphonse group and then the most southern islands comprising Aldabra and the Farquhar group. The main islands on the Mahé plateau are granitic oceanic islands, a unique feature. All the other islands, including Aldabra, a World Heritage site, are coraline.

Most of the population live on Mahé, where the International Airport is located, Praslin and La Digue. Some of the smaller islands remain in private hands and a number are government owned and operated by the Island Development Company. Activities on these islands vary from luxury resorts to specialised fishing with some remaining uninhabited and in a virgin state.

Detailed information on Seychelles can be found at www.seychelles.travel


The main islands are 4° south and as such do not suffer from tropical cyclones. Seasons are split by the SE and NW trades, the former running from around May until late September, early October, when the NW takes over until around February. March and April tend to be doldrum months. The seasons arise from the north/south movement of the ITCZ (Doldrums), which lies in winter north of the islands and in summer across or south of them. South of the ITCZ are found the SE Trades and north of the ITCZ are found the NE Trades which, when they cross the equator, become deflected and blow from the N to NW.


British Admiralty charts are the primary charts for the Seychelles. There are only five charts, nos. 721, 722, 724, 740 and 742. The horizontal datum is WGs 84 and GPS derived positions seem to be pretty accurate – in the central group of islands at any rate.

Berth services

The marina management office is located on the upper floor of Marina House which is adjacent to the marina. Office hours are 8am until 7pm. Our clients benefit from a complete service package including power, water, club cars and 24-hour security.

  • Internet

  • Landing craft

  • Solar-powered lighting

  • 24-hour CCTV coverage

  • Electric club cars

  • Administration & help desk

  • Tug service

  • Shower & changing facilities

Service bollards

All pontoon walkways are illuminated with solar powered lights. There are 3 x pump-out service units located on the super-yacht pontoon section with 50mm sanitation pipes. There are three mobile Fire Caddies, each with 15mm of 38mm lay flat fire-fighting hose and a 250 litres per minute delivery capability.
All service pedestals are individually controlled and monitored by a computerised Berthmaster system supplied by Omron. This provides itemised billing for all services used by vessels.

  • Rolec megamaster service unit (400amp)

3-phase power up to 400 amps. 
2 x 1 1/4 water taps. Anti-contamination valve.
 1 x TC cable outlet. 
2 x fixed telephone lines.
    The Megamaster has been developed solely for the purpose of providing large multi-outlet electrical and water services to very large boats.

  • Rolec standard service units (100-250amp)

3-phase power from 100 to 250 amps
. Single-Phase Power 63 and 32 amps. 
2 x 1 1/4 water taps. Anti-contamination valve. 
1 x TC cable outlet. 
2 x fixed telephone lines.


  • Yacht Charter - Marine Supplies

    The marina is a stone-throw away from a number of yacht charters and yachting shops. There is a range of products available from electronics, cleaning products and basic spare parts.

  • Maharajas

    "The Maharajas" restaurant embodies the spirit and essence of north Indian cuisine. Located in the exclusive Eden Island, Seychelles it serves up a bevy of appetizing Indian dishes with beautiful marina view.

  • Bravo

    Bravo! Is a vibey, trendy, cafe, Restaurant and Bar situated on the prestigious Eden Island development. Bravo! Has built a reputation for fast and friendly service and is known for their large portions and value for money concept.

  • Boardwalk

    After a hard day’s work, why not join the rest of the islanders at “The Boardwalk” Bar and lounge, Eden Island marina’s very own watering hole. Open 7 days a week and located on the boardwalk, a mere 100m from the super-yacht pontoon, the bar and lounge plays host to live bands and DJs.

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